Source: Tourism Bureau in the Atayal language in Ukraine is to represent the meaning of the warm spring, so called Atayal, all of the hot springs are called Wulai. Wulai Township is located in the revival of small areas, canyons mostly inner landscape with small Wulai Waterfall, Dragon Valley Falls, the most famous wind-driven rock. Buildings or small Wulai Waterfall Creek but upstream, as abundant rainfall, stream flow is considerable, almost independent small Wulai Waterfall winter drought. Small Wulai Waterfall is divided into three, but the middle of the most spectacular, is "hanging valley fault type" waterfalls, streams were thin as Lane valley from the top, forming a cliff fall suddenly encountered a fault, the stream that is slammed by the left side of the gap slips 50 meters below the pit, swirling mist, smoke water mist, called the wonders quiet environment. There is a four-story waterfall next to scenic waterfall tour desk for visitors to enjoy. Every year from May to June, and November to February next year is birding season, here you can enjoy a forest bath, also can watch the waterfall and bird-watching. Late autumn, the buildings or bright red maple leaf on both sides of the river or the lay floating in Riverbank, and babbling brooks, waterfalls stunning views. Small Wulai Waterfall total of three sections from top to bottom. Paragraph difference on more than only 3 meters, barely visible from the guanpu station. Middle drop about 50 meters, is the north rare high drop falls, its surging momentum, sound like a thunderous splash. Above the waterfall in the middle of a small lake, a waterfall that is injected into the upper section of the small lake, quite spectacular. Bus: 1. From Dasi Dawang small Wulai shuttle, but the day is only four classes. 2. Since Dasi ride to the small Taoyuan Wulai direction of the passenger, in small Wulai stop. 3. Dawang revival, Baling Taoyuan passenger to Baling of Taiwan Motor Transport, in the revival of Bridge Station can walk into. By car: Dasi under the Second Northern Freeway Interchange, take Highway No. 7, after the bridge follow the indicators turn left Jidi clouds. Xscyth3 Was Here!...


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