Fuyam Tourist Home is located at the origin of honey peach, La La Mountain, in Fu Xing District, Tao Yuan City. Besides honey peach, La La Mountain is also famous for its wondrous forest with thousand years old woods. We sincerely invite you to the mountain to enjoy its serene beauty and peace.
On the way to Fuyam Tourist Home, you may also stop by some of the hot spots in Tao Yuan County such as Da Xi Old Street, Ci Hu Presidential Burial Place, Shih Men Reservoir and Xiao Wu Lai Sky walk.

  Situated at an altitude of 850 meters and set against a magnificent mountainous skyline with clear flowing streams, Fuyam Tourist Home offers an amazing surrounding for you to spend your holiday at a leisurely pace. Fuyam includes three wooden houses, a garden with beautiful fauna and floral and a small therapeutic pond. You are very welcome to lounge by the tea house with a cup of coffee or high mountain oolong tea in hand as time passes by slowly. And at moonlight, a surreal feel will encompass you as the sky transforms into a stunning picture of a starry starry night.

Notices and regulations
1. check in time is after 3pm.
2. As every breakfast is freshly made, you are all advised to arrive at the dining hall to take the meals at the pre-agreed timing together.
   Timing of the breakfasts will also be adjusted according to the seasons, so please check with us beforehand. Should you have any special itinerary
   which requires you to take your breakfast earlier than the rest, please inform us at least a day in advance.
3. Dinners are on reserved basis. Timing of the dinners will also be adjusted according to the seasons, so please check with us beforehand.
4. Opening time of the reception is strictly between 3pm and 9pm every day.
    Lights at the courtyard and communal areas will be turned off at 10pm sharp every evening.
5. To allow all guests have a pleasant stay at our Home, we seek your cooperation in ensuring you and your company keep your noises down, as well
    as not run around—at all times.
6. Please take care when walking around the Home as there might be uneven grounds, especially during rainy days when the floorings may be wet  
    and slippery.Please do not leave any child in the room alone, nor let them go near the windows or ledge to prevent accidents from happening.
7. Check-out time is 11am. Should you require to leave later than this time, please inform at the reception counter in advance. Your kind  
    consideration is deeply appreciated.
8. Smoking in the premise of enclosed areas (bedrooms including bathrooms and communal areas) is strictly prohibited, as the cigarette/cigar smokes
    and smells will seep into our wooden furniture.You may do so only in the open space (eg. your patio/balcony), but do not litter the cigarette butts
    on the ground so that everyone may enjoy the pleasing environment around our Home. Should you need to smoke, please reach for us to get you
    an ash tray.
9. Please ensure your valuables are kept safely. We will not be held liable for any loss of your properties.
10.Please be informed that WIFI connection is only available in the common space, but not in the rooms.

11.No pets are allowed in any parts of the Home, details can be found on our website.Should you bring along any pet, the Home reserves the
     rights to refuse check-in, without any refund.
12.To proceed the booking, all the booking will charge the deposit via Paypal , credit card.